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97110 Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe - France
Company number: 420 992 166 00017
APE Code:5010 Z
Phone: +590(0)590222631

General Rules

1) Important: The ticket purchase implies that passenger unconditional acceptance of the following terms and conditions of carriage.
2) Definition: The term "passenger" applies to persons on the ticket. The term "carrier" means Comatrile SARL. All employees and agents of the carrier will be able to enjoy the rights guaranteed by these Terms and Conditions.
3) Application of Law: Unless otherwise stated, the contract of carriage of persons, baggage, shall be governed by the law of the flag of the vessel.
4) Price: The carrier reserves the right to change its rates without notice and the price of all services provided.
5) Damage to people: The carrier's liability is covered by the Act of the ship's flag.

Buying process

6) Order - Booking: The online booking is done with a few clicks and safely.
The pricing information and availability is provided in real time by Comatrile SARL.
The prices displayed at a rate application are guaranteed for the duration of the user's login session to the site, except promotional fares quotas.
The reservation becomes final after clicking on the "Confirm" button, and subject to approval of the credit card.
Date changes or services provided on the day of booking, will be free of charge, and the rate of new benefits chosen and / or dates.
The invoice of the ticket will be automatically sent by email and without shipping, to the email address that has been indicated when booking.

7) Method of payment - Bank Transaction:

Several payment methods are accepted.
To check the payment methods available, you can go to the website of PayPal Inc.

Paypal Inc

Payment is made securely through SSL type encryption algorithms (Secure Socket Layer).
The payment transaction is carried out at the time of ticket purchase, after the click on the "Confirm" button.

Pricing conditions

8) Implementation of the boat prices: Prices shown are minimum and maximum price, delivery and crossing, excluding fees, taxes and port charges.
The tariff advantages are not cumulative.
Comatrile SARL reserves the right to apply supplement fares linked to increased fuel.

Transaction Banking: All online transactions are secure (SSL) and are made in euros.

Promotional rates Tickets: Tickets issued with a benefit promotional rate may be modified once under payment of a sum of € 10 each way, upon written evidence and motivation, nor refundable in case of partial or total cancellation of the ticket.

Tickets Standard Price: Tickets issued by Standard Price may be modified once under payment of a sum of € 10 each way, upon written evidence and motivation and plus any price differences, but they are not refundable, whether in part or in full.

No refund will be made in the case of a change of schedule, date, weather conditions.
Tickets issued in Normal Price may be modified once under payment of a sum of 10 € per crossing, upon written evidence and motivation.
Tickets issued in Promotional Rate will be changed once in payment of a sum of € 10 each way, upon written evidence and motivation.
Tickets can be modified with our customer service tel: +590 (0) 590222631
Changing the name of one or more passengers is not allowed.

Title transportation-ticket

9) Validity: The passenger ticket is only valid for persons contained therein, to the vessel for which it was issued to the facility and the departure indicated therein. The ticket is not transferable. Unless expressly provided the ticket price is established for people and facilities, plus food, but if VAT that tax is due.

10) The passenger is not required to hold a printed ticket. Tickets to be collected at the ticket office before boarding no later than 30 minutes before departure according to box office opening times.

Boarding Rules

11) Presentation: The passenger must go directly to the ship 45 minutes before. Beyond the deadline boarding whether 30 minutes before leaving, embarkation is no longer guaranteed and the ticket is no longer valid.
12) Baggage:
The Company assumes no responsibility regarding hand luggage that remain in the exclusive custody of the traveler, even when placed in the locations provided for this purpose, except to provide proof of a fault of celle- above.
In any event, the amount of the lump-sum compensation in case of fault of the Company may not exceed the sum of € 50.
13) passenger health state - Pregnant women -> 4 month maximum or sign a waiver:
14) Passengers with reduced mobility When booking, passengers must report their reduced mobility. To facilitate access to ships, passengers with reduced mobility should present themselves at the ticket office/Captain well before the start of loading operations, at least one hour before departure.
15) Pets: Pets are allowed on ships bound only with their owner throughout the crossing. Wearing a leash is compulsory and the muzzle is compulsory for dogs, as well as the transport cage for cats and other small animals. They are allowed everywhere except in the restaurants. However, the crew may limit their access to certain locations. A certificate of vaccination and / or a certificate of good health less than three months can be requested.
Live animals are accepted transported with no guarantee of loss, sickness or death and the Company assumes no liability for damages of any nature whatsoever that may occur during shipping. Live animals are accepted transported with no guarantee of loss, sickness or death and the Company assumes no liability for damages of any nature whatsoever that may occur during shipping.

Liability and specific obligations of the passenger

16) Liability: The passenger is responsible for any damage caused (by him or any person in his custody), the ship, its facilities and amenities, the other passengers, staff or third parties and any penalty ticket, fine or any other that may be charged to the carrier by his own act on the part of any authority or state.
17) Minors: Children under 16 unaccompanied can not travel alone. They will be constantly under the care of relatives or other companion who is responsible, and can not circulate in the ship unaccompanied. In no case the carrier may not be held liable for damage to minors in violation of what is stated above.
18) Weapons: It is forbidden to passengers to board firearms or bladed weapons, ammunition, explosives, fuel or other flammable substances without the written permission of the carrier and the legal authorities. In such cases, these objects will be handed over to the Purser who will return them only on landing.
19) Baggage unlawful detention: The passenger who holds in his luggage on board or introduce objects or contraband or illegal substances will be responsible vis-à-vis the carrier or other parties liable for damages, fines or penalties arising from such detention.

20) Changes or cancellations of departures: Change in travel. If the departure is delayed for more than 24 hours, the passenger may request cancellation of transport and obtain a refund of the price paid. Also in case of cancellation of departure, the passenger will be entitled only to reimbursement of the price paid. In addition, the carrier reserves the right, at the discretion of the Commander and for reasons inherent to navigation, to make stops other than those provided. Carrier assumes no responsibility for loss or damage due to storm, shipwreck, collision, route change, docking approach or releases, quarantine, fire, acts of war or piracy, and any other accident or fortune Sea, suspension or cancellation or docking line, change of itinerary or schedules or other events inherent to navigation, and due to force majeure or a staff strike, either on land or on board.
20 a) Changes or cancellations of departures for the ships: For technical reasons related to comfort and safety of navigation, it is established that our vessels shall not make the crossings in bad weather especially if the wave height exceeds 3 meters. If the carrier observes in its irrevocable decision, such weather conditions, departures ships will be canceled and the passenger will retain the right to make a start on another crossing. In this case, the passenger will have only the right to reimbursement of the difference in fare to the exclusion of any other compensation.

Neither the captain nor the Company can not be held responsible for any diversions, changes, service interruptions or delays in departures and arrivals of the ship, nor cases of quarantine. The Captain and the Company disclaim any liability, moreover, in case of delay in the execution of the transport contract, for breach of that contract, and all the consequences of damage, bad weather conditions, unemployment, civil or foreign war, total or partial strikes, coalitions of employers or employees whatever they are and whatever their rank or function or status, whether or not the service of the Company and disarmament or the partial or total shutdown of Company ships from general or partial lock-out, regardless of the entity from which it emanates. The Captain and the Company can not be held responsible for the consequences of these irregularities or interruptions or suppressions of service and the costs and risks of stay will be charged to passengers.
21) crossing time: Time crossings mentioned in the commercial documents and on the website of the company does not take into account the time of discharge. They are given as indicative times.
Passengers will have to take this into account in the organization of their stay.
22) Installation - Places: no number of sits.
23) Value object: The carrier is not responsible for theft, loss, possible damage suffered by any valuables, money, documents, manuscripts, kept in luggage unless they were reported and shown to Captain and noted by itself.
24) Complaints:

Complaints nearby the company: For any other complaint or request for compensation the passenger can contact the company's customer service:

Comatrile SARL
Customer Service
8, home of the Darse Quai de Gâtine
Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, France
Tel: +590(0)590910245